The purpose of

The purpose of

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This website is dedicated to the study and research into the mails and correspondence of the POWs and civilian internees in East Asia in the Second World War.

Author and postal historian David Tett has completed a series of books on the mails to and from the Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees of the Japanese in East Asia (Far East) in The Second World War

Between 250,000 and 300,000 people were imprisoned by the Japanese in the second world war. They were captured principally in Singapore, in Java and Sumatra and in the Philippines although POWs and internees were taken in all the territories overrun by the Japanese onslaught.

POWs and internees were held in camps throughout Singapore (Changi), Malaya, Thailand, Burma, Taiwan, Indo China, Dutch East Indies (Java, Sumatra, Celebes, Timor, Ambon etc. ) Borneo, Korea, Manchuria, Hong Kong, Philippines, New Guinea, China and Japan.

Prisoners were often transferred from one prison to another and from one territory to another, usually to cater for the labour requirement of their captors. Many POWs were sent to Thailand and Burma to build the infamous railway. Others went to the Moluccan Islands to build airfields; to Sumatra to build another railway; to Japan to work in the mines, factories and shipyards. Most of these prisoners were allowed to receive mail and send cards, (and in some cases letters,) albeit in very limited quantities.

Many hundreds of books have been written about the lives of these prisoners. Many films, fictional and documentary have been made. But until now no medium has existed devoted to the study and research into the postal history of the captives. This website seeks to address that gap. It is designed to be a meeting place for persons interested in the study and research regarding the postal history of the prisoners.
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